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Monica Samuels

What Christmas and the First Day of Summer Break Have in Common

I love Christmas Day. It’s my favorite holiday.  I anticipate it for weeks, relish it the morning it arrives, and […]

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Navigating the Great Vaccine Debate

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Vaccines–More than Just a Shot

During our family’s Spring Break trip to Disney World, the recent measles outbreak did cross my mind. Granted, that episode […]

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JC Conklin

Making Time to Work from Home

How to find the time? How do we do it all? Motherhood, work, housekeeping. Let’s get this out of the […]

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Nursing, 2 am and the Police Procedural

I have a new baby. As with all new babies I spend a lot of time feeding the infant and watching […]

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To Friend or Not to Friend

When I was a kid I knew nothing about my teachers. My parents knew relatively little about them. I remember […]

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