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Monica Samuels

What College Decisions and Torture Have in Common

On May 1st, senior high school students everywhere will finally have to make a decision about where to begin their […]

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How About a National Day of Texting?

Over the weekend, I experienced a phenomenon I’m encountering frequently these days. Driving my two sons and my niece to […]

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Bullying is Wrong . . . for Kids and Adults

Google the word “bullying” this past week and you’re immediately struck by two stories. In the first, a 12-year-old girl […]

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JC Conklin

The Traveling Meanie and What to say to Quiet Her

Usually when I travel with my kids people are unfailingly polite, helpful. This time things were different. A young woman […]

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Let’s not Whisper Special Ed anymore

When people hear or see you have a child with “issues,” the platitudes come rolling in: “Well, God picked the […]

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The Beginning — when the dream of parenthood collides with reality

Every parent wants her child to be the golden one – aces all the tests, popular enough not to be […]

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