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Monica Samuels

Navigating the Great Vaccine Debate

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Vaccines–More than Just a Shot

During our family’s Spring Break trip to Disney World, the recent measles outbreak did cross my mind. Granted, that episode […]

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Disney Trip? Broken Leg? Think Twice . . .

My kids are very fortunate to have grown up going to Walt Disney World a lot.  Years ago, we decided […]

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JC Conklin

To Friend or Not to Friend

When I was a kid I knew nothing about my teachers. My parents knew relatively little about them. I remember […]

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Apologies Needed in Vaccine Debate

When I screw up, especially if I make a huge mistake, I apologize. I feel embarrassed, sometimes even shame. From […]

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Voila! Here’s the Solution to Disney Lines

The lines at Disneyland and Disneyworld are the biggest buzz kill possible for a parent. A two-hour wait to visit […]

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