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Monica Samuels

Who Invented the Sign-Up Sheet?

I love history, so I’m always interested in all kinds of historic facts. The quirky historical trivia is always fun.  […]

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I Confess—I Cheated (On My Hair Stylist)

I hate cheaters. This past week, I watched the Ken Burns documentary, The Roosevelts—An Intimate History, and I came away […]

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Get to Know Your Neighbors (Before they call the Cops)

Last week’s story about a mother in my hometown of Austin, Texas, who found herself the subject of a Child […]

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JC Conklin

My “Allergies”

When my children got old enough to want and repeatedly ask for pets I acquired an allergy to cats.   […]

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Getting my WASP On

I am a WASP. It took me years to understand what that meant, that I am uncomfortable in statement necklaces, […]

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Men are Deluded

You know the pressure to stay attractive and young as we women age. There are dozens of bottles of stuff […]

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