We welcome advertising.

If you have something to sell, and our site could be helpful, we’d be happy to consider it.  Please note, however, that we won’t just advertise anything.  It’s not like we need the money.  If we ever get to that point, however, this policy could change.

In the meantime, we’re committed to high standards.  Also, we will not take a product, use it, write something glowing about it, and accept a check for doing so.  While we’re not going to pretend that it never crossed our minds and we haven’t discussed it, our conscience won out and we decided our credibility was more important than cash.

Therefore, if you’d like to advertise your terrific product or service, please contact us via the Contact portal with a brief description and how we might reach you.  Unfortunately, we can only respond to queries we deem fitting for this site.  In case there are doubts, please note that we won’t advertise anything that isn’t legal in all fifty states or that could ultimately land our readers in rehab.