Making Time to Work from Home

July 31st, 2015

How to find the time? How do we do it all? Motherhood, work, housekeeping.

Let’s get this out of the way – I don’t do it all. I do what needs to be done right before it has to be. Isn’t that what we all do?

My friend asked me to write about how I find the time to write. There’s no magic to it.

I triage through deadlines. When I’m writing a book, I assign myself 1,000 words a day. And more often than not I squeeze in a half an hour here or there and a couple hours when everyone goes to bed to meet my assignment. Honestly, sleep is the loser here. But I know this pace is for a finite period of time and that makes it doable.

I think that’s the key to trying to work and be a stay at home mom – knowing that there’s no schedule that will be the same each day. You have to fit your work into your day like a jenga puzzle of minutes and hours. It’s about completing things, not working for a certain amount each day. Sometimes finishing my work means there’s more pizza and movies than normal and my husband does bedtimes solo.

The thing that drives me to complete these deadlines, to do this work, is the desire to create something that’s mine. I think we all want a space where we’re not mothers first and foremost. It’s satisfying and that is what keeps me writing.