Nursing, 2 am and the Police Procedural

June 18th, 2015

I have a new baby. As with all new babies I spend a lot of time feeding the infant and watching TV shows.

Before I had children, I loved the gritty realistic shows that pushed the boundaries of violence and darkness. I thought I was cool because I was a connoisseur of the most edgy shows. I fell in love with Dexter before most people had heard of it. The Shield was totally up my alley. The show about the transsexual contract killer? My vibe. Parenthood with all its messy emotions –my deal. The killing – loved it.

Now? Give me a classic sitcom or dependable police procedural without children in peril and I am set.

At 2 am when I am up nursing an infant and the rest of the world is silent I need security in my viewing. I need to know that everything will be neatly tied up in an hour or less. I want the world condensed to a formula I understand.

Because things are scary when I am the only adult awake and responsible for a small vulnerable life.

I used to think that the Seinfelds and the Law and Orders were outdated concepts but now they are my tried and true friends – my grandmother’s hugs.



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